Improved customer experience and agent productivity

Directly within your Microsoft CRM!

Engage, delight and satisfy customers

Transform customer service with live chat, cobrowse, video calling and bot support on Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a brilliant omnichannel experience in websites and apps.

Extend the power of your CRM

As an omnichannel solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide a fully integrated experience for both customers and agents. 

Bring all digital channels together, resolving customer issues faster and creating more opportunities to sell.

Deploy on Azure directly within your CRM, giving agents a single pane of glass for optimal productivity.

Make your Dynamics 365 the single source of truth

Extend all omnichannel features available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to other Dynamics 365 applications, including Sales, Field Service and Marketing. Give all your customer-facing teams the same unified external view – empowering them to generate more leads and close deals faster.

Switch seamlessly
between channels

Smooth omnichannel service

Transition with context between channels, navigating effortlessly between chatbot, live chat, cobrowse, voice and video conversations.

Bot-assisted agent efficiency

Front-end interactions with chatbots to handle routine work, ensuring continuity if and when hand-offs are needed to live agents.

Great experience on any device

Provide customers with a consistent and personalized experience, whether they prefer to engage with you through your company’s website pages or mobile apps.

Compliant visual engagement

Our award-winning cobrowse solution allows agents to see and interact with a customer’s app or web page view, with sensitive data hidden to meet compliance regulations.

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